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Salah Schedule
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1st Jum’ah Khutbah:   2:00 pm
2nd Jum’ah Khutbah:  3:00 pm

Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam
Most of the Atlanta area masajid have announced the Eid-ul Fitr to be tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/4) following the Saudi declaration. According to authentic astronomical data, there is a strong possibility that the moon will be sighted in the Western / South-Western states, Mexico and South America.

Based on this info, we will, in Sha Allah, join the greater Atlanta community and celebrate Eid-ul Fitr tomorrow on Tuesday as well. Masjid Jafar and Masjid Ar-Rehman will also join us.

Venue: Tadka Banquet, 11105 State Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30022

1st Congregation: 8 am (led by Hafiz Abdulbasit Hussain)

2nd Congregation: 9.30 am (led by Hafiz Yasir Abbasi)

Food will be served as always and we are asking each family to donate $25 (individual $10) to cover the expenses.
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam
Open House @ Masjid Maryam
Guests from Cross Point Church
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam
AsSalaamu Alaikum dear Brothers & Sisters.

Ramadan Mubarak!

In Sha Allah, we will start Ramadan 2019 from tomorrow, Monday, May 6th after completing 30 days of Sha'ban as there were no confirmed moon sighting reports from any parts of the world.

Salaatul Ish'a tonight will be at 9.50 pm followed by Salaat-ul Taraweeh.

We request you to come at 9.30 pm tonight as Imam Yasir will cover the short tafseer of Juzz 1 before Isha'.

Daily Programs

Salaat-ul Taraweeh will be offered right after Isha'. It will be led by Imam Yasir Abbasi. Hafiz Yousuf and Hafiz Ibrahim Mir will be part of his team. As per the established norm at Masjid Maryam to encourage and enhance confidence, other young Huffaz will be given limited opportunity to lead Taraweeh under the guidance of and the schedule by Imam Yasir.

Daily Educational Programs
1. This year's theme of after Maghreb tazkeer is Dua' (prayer). Every day one Dua' will be presented with translation, short description and an effort to memorize.
2. Short Tafseer of the Juzz of Quran being recited will be covered 15 min before Isha'.

Daily Iftar & Dinner will be arranged every evening. Please join the following groups in order to Sponsor during Ramadan.

Iftaar & Dinner:

Ramadan supplies:

Security & Safety

Considering the recent violent incidents around the country and growing concerns of the community, Masjid Maraym has hired off duty police officers to be present at the masjid property every night from Maghreb until the end of Taraweeh to ensure the security and peace of mind of our community. It will cost us additional $3600 throughout the month of Ramadan. Please note that we have already hired a police officer during Jum'ah prayers. We are requesting every community member to please donate specifically for this purpose to bear the cost. If one family can take responsibility for a day, 30 members can easily cover it.

However, please remember that despite all these security arrangements and caution our trust is only in Allah (swt) and unwavering belief in the wisdom and decree of Allah (swt). May Allah (swt) protect and preserve!

Request for Du'aas

There are family members of some of our brothers and sisters who have passed away recently and some others are suffering from illnesses. All are requested to make Du'aas (prayers) for the departed souls and the complete recovery of those who are sick.
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam
Da’wah Academy Graduation
Weekend Islamic School @ Masijd Maryam
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam
To our neighbours and fellow citizens of the Christian faith

We were shocked and grieved learning the attacks on the houses of worship in Sri Lanka past Sunday. And unfortunately the recent cycle of violence that started from NZ continues across the globe.

It is important to feel sad, console each other and utter the words of condemnation but that is not enough any more.

We will have to disappoint the haters through building bridges of understanding, respect and love. We will have to show them that they can’t divide us by their hate.

Are we ready to put a positive and consistent effort?