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Salah Schedule
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1st Jum’ah Khutbah:   2:00 PM Iqamah:2:25 PM
2nd Jum’ah Khutbah:  3:00 PM Iqamah 3:25 PM

Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam4 days ago

YM Quiz Competition Syllabus 2022.

YM Quiz syllabus books are available @ Kitab house

Kitab house address:
5265 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Ste 1442, Norcross, GA 30093

Contact number:
+1 (404) 585-8177

YM Quiz competition date will be confirmed soon, In sha Allah

JazakaAllah khair
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam1 week ago

In Sha Allah, we will have our monthly community program and summer camp 2022 closing ceremony on Friday, July 1st after Asr @7:00pm. Dinner will be served after the program.

Our guest speaker will be Hafiz Zakirullah.

Please join.

JazakumuAllah O Khairan
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam2 months ago
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam2 months ago
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam2 months ago
*Eid Salah timings @ Masjid Maryam *

First Salah: 7:15am
(By Hafiz Yasir)

2nd Salah: 8:15am
(By Hafiz Zakirullah)

In’sha Allah breakfast will be served after every Eid Salah.

Breakfast Contribution:
$10/ person - $25/ family

Zakat ul Fitr $12 / person
(Must be paid before Eid salah)

To pay online

Choose the option “Eid Gathering Expenses”

JazakaAllah khai
Masjid Maryam
Masjid Maryam3 months ago
Masjid Maryam