AsSalaamu Alaikum dear Brothers & Sisters.

Friday Halaqah by Sh. Atabek Nafasi – After Maghreb Today

In Sha Allah, tonight (4/1), Sh. Nafasi will deliver a lecture followed by a Q&A.  He’s visiting Atlanta from England and agreed to share his knowledge with us.

Sheikh Atabek Shukrov Nasafi was born in Uzbekistan and studied Arabic, Tajweed, Fiqh and Hadith with leading scholars.  Later on he acquired knowledge from Damascus and graduated from Al-Azhar in 2003.

Weekly Halaqahs In Sha Allah – Tonight after Isha’ 8.00 pm

  • Young Muslim Brothers NN by Maaz and Ahmad
  • Urdu Halaqah for sisters by sr Afshan Qureshi
  • Sister Fatima will continue her class for YM sisters from next Friday (4/8)

Note: No Sunday school on 4/3 and 4/10 due to Spring break.

ICNA Relief Banquet – Saturday, April 9

In Sha Allah, ICNA Relief will hold its annual report back banquet next Saturday at Premier Event Hall, Duluth (at 6.30 pm).  Sh. Waleed Basyouni and Sh Monzer Taleb are the guest speakers.
They will showcase how ICNA Relief was able to serve over 22,000 people in Atlanta in 2015.
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Other Regular Programs

  • “Learn Arabic” by Br. Abdul Mohsin – Tue / Thu / Sat at 7.30 pm
  • “Arabic Grammar” with Hafiz Ayub – Wed after Maghreb
  • “Da’wah Academy” Sunday School – Sun 10.30 am
  • “Hifz-ul Quran” with Hafiz Zakir Ullah – Weekdays 8 am
  • “Evening Qur’an Reading class” by Hafiz Zakir Ullah

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Jazakumullahu Khairun
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